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  1. New Member Program

    • This is available to any single or family who has not been an Ojibway member in the past
    • Each new member (single or family) joining before August 1, 2023 will be charged an initiation fee of $5,500
    • The initiation fee does not include any add-on charges for camp, tennis, grocery store etc.; these will be billed independently of the Annual Dues

    2023 New Membership Application Form

  2. Trial Membership Program

    • This is available to anyone who has never been a member of the Ojibway Club and who wants to explore Ojibway Membership
    • Payment will be structured as follows:
      • * 150% of Annual Dues
      • Non-members are entitled to a one-time only Trial Membership
      • Should they choose to join the Ojibway Club after a Trial Membership, incoming members will be required to pay initiation fees commencing in the first year of full membership and the 50% Annual Dues surcharge will be credited against the initiation fees

    2023 Trial Membership Form