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Membership to The Ojibway Club is open to all. No sponsors are required. Members enjoy a relaxed and convivial atmosphere by participating in the Club’s many activities or just by hanging out on the docks. The Ojibway Club is a non-profit organization and member fees contribute to the preservation and operation of our historic community center. Every year, the Club opens the last weekend of June and closes on the Sunday of Labour Day weekend. To apply for a new membership or trial membership, head here

Membership gives access to the following activities and programs (additional fees may apply):

Membership Dues & Policies

The Membership Fees portion of your annual dues contributes to the seasonal operational costs of the Club.  The Capital Fees portion contributes to the Long-Term Capital Fund, which is used for the repair and/or replacement of capital assets.


Initiation Fees

All new members, except in the 21-29 category must pay the initiation fee as stated below, as well as the current year’s membership fee within your category. The Initiation Fee is $7,500.00 + HST $975.00 = $8,475.00.

There is no initiation fee for 21-year-old members who were previously under a family membership. For members who join when they are between the ages of 22 and 29, the initiation fee is equal to the accumulated annual dues for the years between the current age and 21. For example, initiations fees for a 25 year old would be (25 – 21 = 4) equal to 4 years of annual dues. Please contact Heather Rowland, Membership Director who will determine your initiation fees.

More details on Membership Policies & Billing can be found here.


Payment of Fees


Temporary Suspension of Membership


Annual Cap on Suspension of Membership

Divorced or Separated Members

Lapsed Members

Cancellation of Membership