2020 Ojibway Club Art Show ONLINE July 31 - August 9


The show must go on!

One of our most anticipated summer events will look a little different this year - the 2020 Ojibway Art Show will be re-imagined as an ONLINE art sale, running Friday July 31 - Sunday August 9. Our commitment to the local artist community remains strong, so we are working on putting together a great event with your favourite artists over 10 days mid-summer. Stay tuned for more information in the weeks ahead as we profile our artists and give you a sneak preview of the art that will be available for sale. You can also follow along on Instagram @ojibwayclubartshow and Facebook Ojibway Club Art Show.

We are pleased to welcome over 70 artists to this year’s online show. To view the full list of participants and their websites, see the attached 2020 List of Participating Artists.

For more information, contact Wendy Bunston at ojibwayclubartshow@gmail.com.


The Ojibway Hotel, located on the Ojibway Island in the Archipelago of Pointe au Baril, began the tradition of inviting the community to show their art in the 1960’s. Suzie Stohn, with the help of Ruth McCuaig, both cottagers, organized the first show in 1963. Since then, the show has been fuelled by volunteer energy and has evolved from its initial inception to a widely anticipated annual event featuring over 60 artists from the community and beyond. It began in the lounge and then outgrew that space and switched to the dining room. It now fills the dining room, the dining room porch and the lounge turning our beautiful historic hotel into a sophisticated art gallery!

The theme of “The North” has always driven the aesthetic of the show. It reflects our passionate connection with the environment and immerses us in new visions and interpretations of the place we all love through a wide variety of genre: watercolour, acrylic, oils, photography, encaustic, textiles, pottery, woodworking, jewelry, mixed media and sculpture. It is a key source of fundraising for the Ojibway Club and an opportunity for community members to show their work in a familiar and supportive setting. There is an increasingly wide range of new and Aboriginal artists to complement the offerings, including high quality Aboriginal quill baskets and crafts. We have several popular artists who are cottagers and have been offering their work every summer for many years with enormous success. They are icons in our community and we are grateful for their loyalty, creativity and generosity.

More recently, the reputation of this show has spread and has attracted artists from Toronto, Collingwood, Parry Sound and many other communities. The popularity of the show and the limitations of the space available has necessitated the introduction of jury selection for artists interested in participating. All are welcome.

We are always looking for new artists and encourage those interested to apply. We particularly want to support the younger members of our community who are just establishing themselves and can benefit from exposure at the show.